Otukpo Tech Academy

We provide free IT training enabling the next generation to drive their own future in Nigeria

About Us

Our Mission

Learn coding skills with us in Otukpo and you'll learn with the best: We provide high quality free IT training in small classes with fully functional IT equipment.

We offer:

  • Week long introduction to coding courses
  • 3 month intensive coding bootcamp
  • Small class sizes
  • All equipment provided

We are proudly supported by a UK Charity: The Back Home Project

Students Trained
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Frequently Asked Questions

Surely it's not free?

Yes it is. Completely free. We believe everyone deserves access to free education that enables them to change their future.

We run a week long introduction to coding course where students learn basic web development skills. On completing that we offer some students the opportuntity to do a 3 month intensive coding bootcamp which will train them to become a capable software developer.
Classes run from 9am to 4pm

We interview each student and select students based on our selection criteria. Each student must be over 18 years old

Email us at admissions@thebackhomeproject.org